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So You're Getting Married?

It's a well known fact that weddings are big business; not only that, they are a big part of our business too and we love them.

In total honesty, 9/10 times it is a privilege and an honour to take part in someones special day but some times we leave a wedding wishing we'd stayed at home, regardless of the money... This is not just a job for us but also the opportunity to make good music and have people share it with us! Our main goal is to help you throw an excellent party and hopefully we can share some of our experience with you to do that. Here are a few pointers to bare in mind when planning your day.

Less is more...

I know it's cliche but it's true. The best events we have played are the ones that provide the least. I don't mean in the sense of no food or drink, but in the frills. Casino's, Magician, DJ's, Photo-booth the list goes on. There is of course a place and time for all of those things but if you have 100 guests and they are all spread out across all of those, a few at the bar, in the toilet, having a chat, don't be surprised if the dance floor is empty. Try and keep it all in one room or at least close by. Could you have something else when the guests are arriving? During the meal? There really is nothing more disheartening than playing your first set to an empty room.

There are two things we can't compete with...

And that is free food and free drink. Whether it's the fact that everything has run over and we are playing our first set just as you've finished your meal or they serve the evening buffet during our second set; A) We will probably be jealous and equally starving and B) only kids risk throwing up and dancing on a full stomach :) If it's in a different room too that's not going to help.

How and when do you want it to end?

I know that is something you probably don't want to have to think about but my biggest piece of advice for planning the evening is work backwards. What time is the live music license till? When is last orders? Always try and finish the music 30 minutes or so before people need to leave.

We've all been there when your having a great time in a club and some one turns the lights on and tells you to go home. Make sure that your guests last experience of the night isn't a negative one. Plus we nearly always plan in at least one "one more song."

Don't have our sets too far apart.

Lets keep the party going! If there is a couple of hours between sets it will mean starting the party again, and also give people a reason to leave as nothing is happening, but having a gap in the afternoon after the wedding breakfast and the evening entertainment, well everyone wants to stay to see the first dance right? Plus it will give you the chance to chat to your Great Auntie Nora and your guests will thank you for the rest!

If you have questions or want to pick our brains, get in touch! There are plenty more tips to follow!

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