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We Are Ubermeister

In my never ending wisdom I have decided that Ubermeister needs a Blog. Somewhere we can share our never ending list of songs that we want to learn, our crazy gig experiences and help you learn more about us.

I consider myself lucky to play with these boys (don't be rude...) and know that what we do is actually very good! It often crosses my mind that we turn up to a gig, play and then leave and hopefully our passion for what we do comes across in our playing but here at least we might get to share it with you.

At the moment we are in the calm before the storm. The summer and the crazy amount of first dances (a whole blog of it's own will follow about those...) is over and Christmas party season is just about to begin. On top of all of that we have decided to..... Alex drum roll please...... add a brass section! All of us (especially Ben) are very excited about this and can't wait to get in the rehearsal room with them next week (it would have been earlier but Ben made us wait under fear of death until he got back from holiday!). You can meet our new Brass Babes, I'm not set on that name just winging it at the moment, will be at our next public gig at The Old Mill in Fawley. Obligatory Facebook event to follow.

Getting five people together once a week can sometimes be a nightmare and it has taken the three years that I have been in the band to get this far even though we have talked about it since day one! It is going to happen! Good luck and welcome to Alice and Vicki.

I'll share with you some of the other projects we always talk about and hope to get off the ground, more than likely at some point in the next decade...

* Touring a 90's set

* Creating a 70's disco set

* Playing with a swing band

* Working on a cruise ship

* Playing at an awards evening after party (I mean BAFTAS style)

* Getting a van

* Making it through a rehearsal with out Ben and Alex having a tiff

* Kerry and Ben actually being on time...

* Thom buying a reliable car

* Releasing a number one single (Ok, that one is totally unrealistic)

Like I said we've got a decade to work on these things, but more than that this is why we work, Because we still love music, we still have dreams and we still want to take steps to improve. That my friends is Ubermeister.

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